There is only one you. God in His infinite knowledge planned you before the beginning of time. Knowing the life that you would live, being redeemed by Him would bring you to the place you are now. Believe it or not, you are gifted!


This assessment is to help you find out what your God given motivational gifts are. These are the gifts that when used give us a sense of motivation or joy beyond explanation.

Listed below are some links with everything that you will need. First is a link to the sermon recording so you can follow along as we read through the questions during service. The second link is the assessment questions. Finally, the third link is for the assessment score card. You will want to go through and answer each question as instinctually as you can. When completed, transfer your answers from the first sheet to the page titled "SCORE SHEET / SPIRITUAL GIFTS INVENTORY" and add up each column. The last step is to take the total from each column and transfer it over to the sheet titled "Profile Sheet of Motivational Gifts". The title for each row corresponds with the letter at the top of each number column from the score sheet. You are all done! Take note of the top three highest scores and those are your highest motivational gifts! Have fun!

Motivational Gifts Sermon Audio

Assessment Questions

Assessment Score Card
(you will want to print this out)