It’s all about Jesus! As we Go, as we Group, as we Gather.

Every decision we make, every strategy we plan, everything we do is motivated from the fundamental point that it’s all about Jesus! We like to break that down into three areas depicted with icons to help us remember. Those three icons, Arrows, Circles, and Rows, are to remind us that it’s all about Jesus as we go, as we group and as we gather.

As We Go

If it’s all about Jesus, then as we go about our every day life, His mission should be our main focus. The arrows symbolize three different things; the Gospel goes out, People come in and Love everyone everywhere. We should be looking for, and creating opportunities to tell people the Good News about Jesus Christ. Not only should we tell everyone about Jesus, but we should also compel people to come and be a part of the family, the church. Lastly, Jesus commands us to show His love to others. God uses us loving on people as part of His plan to save those far from Him.

As We Group

We were created from community and for community. God was in perfect community with Himself in the Trinity when He created man. Man shares that attribute similarly with God in how He designed man for community. We were not designed to do life alone. At The Roots we help bring people together through Community Groups. Groups that are All About Jesus! Having true Biblical community is how we grow together as followers of Jesus and carry each other’s burdens in the way God created us to!

As We Gather

This is all about the big gatherings we do as a church. We give of ourselves at the gathering for God’s glory and the good of others. If it’s all about Jesus, then everything we have is His and for His mission. We break this down to our Time, Treasure and Talent. Even though we get to benefit from the gathering of the church, we know that a massive piece at every service is people who don’t know Jesus walking through the front doors. Our job on a Sunday is to remove distractions so everyone can clearly hear the Gospel message! It takes all Roots Members stepping up to serve others. We give time in our schedules, we financially support the church and we regularly serve on ministry teams.