The Roots’ One Eighty High School Youth Group exists to transform the lives of our high school youth, by encouraging them to turn completely towards following after Jesus. When you go to One Eighty Youth, here’s what you can expect: Each service starts with worship in the main sanctuary, alongside The Roots Church congregation. After that, our youth get the chance to socialize and have some entertaining fun by participating in a competitive ice breaker activity. Then, a brief message is shared, and our youth break up into small groups. One Eighty Youth uses small group conversations and activities to allow for a Christ-Centered conversation. This unique format allows high schoolers to be active members of the church by sharing their own personal ideas and hearing insight from their peers. By starting a conversation, we hope we can have a lasting impact in our youth’s life: Helping to make the Gospel meaningful and applicable in the lives of our church’s High Schoolers.

If you have a high school aged student, then you will want to get them connected to One Eighty! Our High School service is held on Sunday mornings at 11:00 during our second service.

Tyler Briggs